The time has arrived... It had to happen, after all those years (5 to be precise), that I would leave the blogging-life behind me, or at least this blog. Because stopping with blogging is far away and not for now, or tomorrow. But I want something different. It's time for a new chapter, although I have created one with the Home Project, but it would be a new chapter for the blog itself. A new blog with a new name, layout and subjects. And ofcourse I kept updating my layout on YDDOFblog each year again, but when you start something new, you really need to start from the bottom if you wanna do it right. Isn't it?

During the 5years of blogging for or better Your daily dose of Fashion, I've learned so much that it's actually quite difficult to leave this behind me. I've learned so much about myself, my style, dreams and future plans. But since the start of the Home Project, I know what I really want to achieve. Ofcourse I still want to become a fulltime blogger and to pay the bills with it (we all want to), but reality is different. Althought, I will never give up on blogging, I started it simply because I love doing it. I love to share the stories with you and my passion for it will stay.

So for the new blog and chapter, I want to mark my blog into this blogger world. Being another fashion blog is for me not good enough. And don't get me wrong, some of them really got my respect and they're doing so well! But when I name my blog Your daily dose of Fashion and I can't achieve the daily fashion fact, it's time to be realistic and to change. Honestly, for me it doesn't feel right. And even 5years ago, you didn't have all those blogs and the pressure of being different or having your own mark. Now we're 2014 and for me it's time to move on.

My intrest for interior and design grew during the Home Project that I would love to fulltime blog about those subjects. With a mix of beauty and fashion to mark my personal touch. And héy! My love for designer bags and clothes will never be taken away from me. No you can't!

Also my fulltime job as Area Merchandiser for Zara Belgium plays a big role in my personal life. Blogging is for me my second 'job' and combinating those two isn't always as easy as it seems. I'm trying to make the best of it, but again, making this new blog will make it a lot easier for me. I want to share with you what I do after work. How I combinate both jobs that I love so much and especially how my personal life is. It will be ofcourse a lot more personal than it is now, but I'm so excited to start this new chapter that I can't wait to show you the results and the new blog. And now I'm wondering if you're as excited as I am right now.

Another fact that I need to consider is that changing from blog, blogname or 'chapter' (you can choose how you want to call it) can cause a big fail. We all want to succeed in our new future plans and goals, but sometimes it will just not work. But fingers crossed! I really believe in this new blog. And as I said before: blogging is for me my biggest passion. The passion for interior, beauty and fashion just have to be shared with all of you!

I'm ready to start and to take you with me into this new adventure. You just need to wait a little bit untill you see the results and the new blog. But keep following the blog and social media to be up to date!

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