Not a day goes by... Without using my MAC make-up. Since December last year, I'm completely addicted to this make-up brand. I got myself a new natural look in Frankfurt, during my work training, and since then I bought almost all the craziest lipstick and eyeshadow colors ever. I've never had such a huge collection of make-up as now.

So when they announced a new MAC Store opening in Leuven, I was so so excited! I'm working in that City quite often and now I got the perfect excuse to go shopping during my break. The store is the most beautiful one I've ever seen. The concept is bright and minimalistic. I wish I could display my products just a they did. But than I should get a bigger house. This MAC store is not a PRO-store, but they got all the basic products and very important: the most friendly staff I've ever met! And that does a lot, isn't it?

During the event I got the opportunity to have a make-up session and I decided to go for a new, more summer-ish, look. The girl worked with khaki, orange and white on my eyes and gave me some lovely ombre-lips. This new look perfectly fits my style and I'm sure you will see it a lot on my new outfit or beauty posts! 

So if you're in Leuven, Belgium, one day: this store is the new place to be for your beauty products!

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