Shooting stars... Now that the bedroom is finished (well, the biggest part is finished, now we need to paint it and to place the floor) it's time to shoot the first collab. In combination with the un-finished background, it creates an atmosphere which is personal and where you can see the process of the work we do at the same time. 

The first collab is with My Ex Boyfriend, a Belgian interior-webshop with some lovely vintage furniture and a mix of scandinavian items. I fell in love with the mix of styles and was very happy to cooperate with them to this project. I can't wait to place my favorite flowers in the XL-vase and to decorate my dressing with the cushion. The graphic design is just perfect!

There are a lot more collabs to come, and I already wanna say 'thank you' to all of you for making my house, the most perfect home. It's going to be my biggest project ever...

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