Looking forward to finish it all... Actually we did more work as expected 'till now. Just because we do everything by ourselves and only on Saturdays. So that means we've been working for about 20days in the house. And as you know, the windows and door have already been changed!

We started with a new roof. As you can see on the picture (underneath this text), the structure was quite old and my home sweet home needed a new haircut. After this we started to build up and isolate with Gyproc.
The house has 3 extra rooms (next to the bathroom, kitchen, diningroom and livingroom), but I wanted to use as much as possible of rooms in my house, so I decided to make a bedroom of this space (so I have an extra room for a huge dressing! Yay...). We closed the opening in the center of the room, made a new one on the left and now we just finished the rough work. Some new parquet floor and paint and it's time to decorate it! Oh Gosh, it goes so fast!

All the paintwork will be done during my two weeks of in June, but in the meantime we already started to isolate my new work space (or blog space!) and the dressing. So from now on, everything will go so fast!

Though I now we have a long way to go to finish everything as I would love it to be, it has been my own choice to start from the bottom. I love the house for the old charmes it has. But to make it completely my style and vision, we need to do this. And maybe some of you will say 'Why didn't you buy one that was more finished?' Well because I love the process of making it my own and the other houses we visited, weren't my style either, so I had to start from Zero too. Just love the progress! Seriosuly...

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