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Since 1829... When I just started to express my love for fashion, style and designer bags (at the age of 16), I could never imagine to have a Delvaux handbag. I remember telling my friends that they were too classic, for 'older' ladies and that I would never spend money on it. Well look at me now, 5years later, I finally found my best fitting personal style and realised that minimalism, classic and timeless items are the keys for my style. And those key-items are (for me) completely 'Delvaux'.

My first designer handbag was my Louis Vuitton, and since then I decided to invest in designer handbags. Ofcourse I cheated a little bit (got some clutches from Zara/H&M too), but it's so important to have a beautiful, I call it my baby, practical handbag, in which you can carry around anything you need for work, a shopping trip or travelling. The Saint Laurent handbag was love at first sight, this Delvaux Cross Body bag too. Or second sight ;). I still needed a small 'handsfree' handbag, and ofcourse; a timeless one! And the best of all; Delvaux is a Belgian designer brand. Yay for this lovely fact!

Hello Delvaux, Hello Belgian Pride!

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