Beauty products, a new addiction... Since I got myself a new make-up look at the end of December (while being in Germany) I created a new obsession/addiction (just the way of looking at it). MAC cosmetics is now a store that has been visited every single time I pass by. Most of the time I spoil myself with a new lipstick (oh look, another extra addiction!) but I have to admit that their eye shadows are to die for too.

So it's time for a post about my daily make-up look!
1. After applying my foundation and fixation powder it's time to do the eyes. Starting with the 'Pro longwear paint pot' which helps to fix my eye shadow for a whole day, yes really! I apply it with brush °195. A great brush to blend with!

2. Next; the black eye pencil. Not a lot to say about (that is special) but I always choose a Khol black eye pencil and I just can't live without... My new beauty love? Pencil °A92!

3. Eye shadow time! My favorite part while putting on make-up. You can play with all different kind of colors, matching your outfit or mood. I always use two colors; one light base (°A33), which also helps to make my eyes look brighter, and a darker color at the end (most of the time I use °A82).

4. To finish my eyes in a perfect way ('cause we just have to) I use a fluidline eyeliner (°A63). It's very dark brown, almost black, and it looks very natural when putting on. I'm really a fan of 'creamy' eyeliners. For me, personally, it's much easier to apply. For step 3 and 4 I use a limited edition brush (with a brush for the eyeshadows and one for the eyeliner) Two in one, jackpot!

And at the end some waterproof mascara! Number A43 makes my eyelashes look 3x bigger that they actually are, so what do I need more? And maybe trés important to know; no clots after applying!

5. Time for some blush. Before my new make-up look I used tome peach colored blush. Not so natural (not at all) so now I got myself a nude colored one, °A63. It gives a soft 'tanned' look. Ofcourse, I don't put on a lot of it, 'cause than it won't look natural anymore. Brush °168 makes it easy to blend with your fixation powder.

6. My dear eyebrows: I never ever thought I would put some eye shadow on my eyebrows, but since I discovered this lovely extra touch to my make-up, I'm doing it every time. Also the same dark brown color as my favorite eye shadow: °A82. Natural and it makes them look 'full'. Perfect.

7. Last but not least: some lipstick. On the first picture you can see my first (yes, first two) lipsticks from the (in the meanwhile +5lipsticks) collection. I love to use the nude colored °A83 one for a daily, work, look. And when I feel a little bit more girly, I apply a pretty pink one °A53. More about the other colors soon. Mwuah! And oh; no lipstick crayon for me; just the lipstick itself, 'cause believe me, MAC lipsticks can survive a couple of hours!

Oh well, what a post! I hope you got some nice informations about my daily make-up routine. Maybe I will become a beauty-expert soon? Haha, just kidding! But loved to write this. If you want more beauty posts, just shoot!

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