Personal tips... Since I got my new haircut in October, I still receive daily compliments about my hair and the way I style it (thanks sweets :)). Because some of you asked me how I get the volume in my haircut, I decided to make a post with products I use.

Since the beginning I used products from Sebastian, and now John Frieda sended me a set of 4 styling products that I'm currently testing.
1. 'Touchable full shampoo'; not as any other shampoo; it creates volume from the beginning. Which really helps, 'cause my hair is too fine and it's difficult to create volume.
2. 'Blow Dry Lotion'; lifts roots for extra crown volume. I spray it after I towel-dried my hair and before blow-drying it to give it that extra volume. After this spray and drying I style it the way I want. Straight up, or with a curl on the front; I fix it all with the:
3. 'All day hold'-hairspray; and always spray from a distance to avoid 'white-looking'-hair. (A tip from my personal hairdresser!)

I didn't had the opportunity to use the conditioner yet, but I can assure you that my hair stays with volume for a couple of days!

Soon more about the John Frieda products and the Sebastian ones!
Which hair-styling products do you use?


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