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It's never too late... 'Cause I just realised that I never shared my new tattoo in detail with you guys! A little shame on me. My personal Facebook and Instagram already got an overload of shameless selfies and still after almost two months I love it to death.

My inspiration? La Claire Skinart. Do you remember my post with the two temporary designs? Yes; the flower is one of her designs. Though the tattoo artist changed a little bit of the details (just to keep it unique & original). And you can say that I'm addicted. It's numero quatro in, not even, two years! Now I'm saving up for my candy skull and I'm thinking about getting one on my chest and thighs. Why not, you only live once!

PS: My dad still thinks it's a temporary tattoo. I guess I can expect a huge shout when he finally reads this blogpost... *Angelface*
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