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Not as hectic as expected... While some were waiting in line at 5 o'clock in the morning, I turned another time around in bed, grabbed my pillow and closed my eyes again for a couple of hours. As mentioned before: I really wanted some of the items, but didn't want to wait in line or to 'fight' for an item, not this year! 

At 6.30 in the morning I couldn't sleep anymore so I got up, putted some UGGs on and started my way to Antwerp. Relax, no stress, just happy shopping! One of my girls, Gia, was there since 4.30, I apologised for not being there that early, but thank God for staying in bed a little bit longer. Okay, the line was already further than the store next to H&M, but still no stress. Everybody stayed in line, waited patiently and I've met some great ladies! At 9 the doors open, and the security let small groups in (about 20people) to keep everything calm and pleasant for all of us. I walked (yes walked!) to the men collection, nobody was there! And after grabbing my beloved sweater, I visited the Women collection. Oh Gosh! Crazy ladies trying those clothes all over the store, searching for their wishlist items and in front of me, the sneaker slipons from the kids department and the fringe boots both, my size, without even searching. It was like they were putted there just for me. It was meant to be!

Couldn't it be more perfect?

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