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It's killing me... Asos can make your day within a second, just by sending you a little discount code with 20% off on the whole collection. Especially when your wishlist is longer than your 'to-do-list'.

I still remember my first purchase on their webshop, about 4years ago. A pair of black shiny ankle peep toe boots. I guess it was also my first online order ever and they were also immediately the topic for a first blogpost on my blog! 
Now, four years later, I still check the shop every week and some coats were in my saved basket for a couple of weeks. A few days ago I got a making-my-day mail with a discount code and immediately ordered them. One in pretty pink, 'cause I still can't get enough of the trend, one inspired on the Stella McCartney coat and a soft white-off coat. Pretty, pretty babies; find them here!

Only good memories when I think about Asos.

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