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Let's change the routine... How I spend my days after work? I come home, have dinner with my parents and I start blogging. Visiting other blogs and making posts are taking most of my time after work or a shopping trip on a day off. When you love that much blogging it's like a shopping addiction. You need to blog, you need to check out the latest fashion news and you can't resist watching for some new inspiration (at least, in my case).

During a shopping trip after lunch with my colleague yesterday, I found a lovely black jogging suit at H&M with some pink details. I started talking about 'wanting' to start sporting and than I immediately decided to start after work, why always 'wanting' & 'wishing'? Damn Cindy, just do it!
 I got myself a training suit, some fitness shoes and when I came home I putted everything on and cycled my first 15km. It was harder than expected. Just to give you an idea: I'm not the type of person who loves to sport. I had some dancing classes when I was a little girl and I also started with Thaibox about 4years ago, but it all turned out in injuries. So I literally gave up on sports and my condition is below zero. After cycling I made a program/schedule with the days I need to work out and what type of exercises I will do. It's time to change my routine after work!

Let's do this baby!

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