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Let's go back to reality... The good weather with hot temperatures is over, that's for sure. We need to start updating our closet with winter essentails and we need to prepare our
winter boots for the rainy and cold days.

During my trip to Antwerp last Friday, I went to Zara (of course!), and I got myself some new items
for my wardrobe. (And between us; my birthday was the perfect excuse!)
Tartan prints, grey and marine are the colors that you need in your closet this winter. Oh yes! And don't  throw away the black and white items, they will be necessary! And if you still got that Office blue shirt; keep it too! Perfect to combinate with the tartan items and the marine blue!

I got myself a Tartan dress & skirt. Saw them online but they were much prettier in real (sometimes
it makes such a difference!). A blue shirt, some studded sneakers (which are perfect for work), a black skirt and a grey dress. Enough items for some new looks!

Oh, if you didn't know it; I'm cleaning out my closet again! More than 50new
items have already been uploaded on my webshop and there's still more to come; so check it out!

Have a nice sunday!
Love, Cindy.

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