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Perfect in black and white... 'Cause, honestly, this sweater is just perfect.
Like I've told you a couple of posts before, I really started to get a crush on the
'Filles a Papa'-collections. After buying a cap and some swimwear, I finally have my first
(yes there is a second one on his way home) TOMBOY sweater. I pre-ordered the iconic
blue and red one, but I couldn't wait and asked the lovely store manager of the webshop
to send me this black and white one too. I didn't regret it al all to have chosen this one.
But now I'm desperately waiting for my other sweater.
They will be perfect for this winter!

I combinated it with my new Nike High Dunk sneakers that I got from
And I still have a lot of their shoes ('schoenen') to show you. Call it a shoe-addiction.
And now that we're talking about shoes, I need to clean up my dressing!

See you later!
Lots of love, Cindy

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