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The item for the next season... defenitely is the boyfriend jeans.
We saw it passing by this summer and we will still wear it during the winter! It's the perfect
item to style your outfit into a 'casual-chic' look
. Easy to combinate with sneakers and heels, and
a classic oversized blazer will make your look complete. Yes, I'm a fan!

This time I combinated it with a loose-fit shirt and my favorite leopard heels. 
I can't get enough of them! As you might know, I also bought them in leather black, perfect for the winter looks! And now that we're talking about the winter season that's coming up, I really can't
wait to start layering! I'm sorry summer, I need some autumn now!

I hope you'll all have a great sunday! Enjoy it to the fullest and see you next week!
Lots of love, Cindy.

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