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(Zara blazer // H&M jeans and top // Converse sneakers via // Louis Vuitton handbag)

Casual, classic and sportive... Oh well I'm sure you all know those fabulous and beautiful bloggers like Song of Style and Bittersweet Colours. Each time I'm visiting their blog, I make the promise to myself to wear more colors, prints and heels. But in reality, I don't. 'Cause honestly, it's not the lack of those items in my dressing, but wearing them does just not fit my personality I guess. Why? Well, every day I wake up and think: 'What will I wear today'? Although I have a room full of clothes, it still feels like I have nothing to wear. Every time again I grab my comfortable Converse sneakers, a basic
top and blazer. And since a few weeks I also got addicted to my ripped jeans which I found in Sales.
A bad habbit? I won't call it like that. I just like to work in comfortable clothes and I guess it's
just a period that I'm going through. We're not always in need of colors, skirts and heels, right?

So for today, another casual look. A look where I feel good and comfortable in.

Do you have those kind of moments when you want to wear your comfortable clothes over and over again? Join the club!

Lots of love, Cindy.

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