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Filles a Papa... Well I think I created a new label-crush. I'm following the Belgian
'Filles A Papa' for a couple of seasons now and it's getting more and more difficult to resist.
The first time I discovered their collection was during the Paris Fashion Week in 2011 where I was aible to check their winter collection. I fell in love with their sequin sweaters, leggings and their bright colors. Now two years later, I finally got myself an item from their collection.

At the beginning of the summer, Filles a Papa launched their Swimwear collection. Bikini's and
swimsuits in bright colors, caps and great sweater with the text 'Paradise' were the it-items for the summer. I couldn't resist getting myself this great swimsuit in the iconic colors of the Tomboy-label.
 In the meantime I also added a bomber jacket to my collection and there are also two tomboy-sweaters on their way home. Well oh well!

Do you know the Belgian brand 'Filles a Papa'? Do you have items from FAP? Tell me...

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