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 Looking for Inspiration... While most of you are enjoying the sun, I'm laying in bed. Sick; there's a little annoying virus into my stomach and my head hurts so so badly. I wish I could be
outside, enjoying the sun and a fresh drink. The only thing I can do right now is laying in bed, blogging and checking Instagram. 

I receive tons of e-mails every single day from webshop with their 'new items'. Normally I don't even check them, but today the newsletter from Browns Fashion caught my eye. I took a little look and find
some amazing items in their 'What's New'-section. I made a collage with the items I like the most and
I putted the Balenciaga bag on my wishlist (ofcourse!)

Enjoy the sun and take a little tanning for me too please!
Hope to be better soon! Lots of love, Cindy.

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