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Summer Time!  Summer is finally back so that means that I need to get a little tan. I didn't go on a vacation this year (normally I go to Tunisia twice a year) and it's harder to get my
dark-brown-chocolate 'layer'. Every summer I get some nice comments about my tan, so I thought
it would be nice to share the products I'm using to maintain it.

Fist of all. I'm sticking to this brand since 3years. 'Corine de Farme' will always be a part of my summer rituals. I use the oil and aftersun for two years now, and this year I discovered their other
two products; a monoï gel and a brown accelerator.

I'm always starting with the oil at the beginning of the summer. You have those with a protection and an oil without. For my face I use the protected one and for my body I'm using the one
with low protection. (Oh yes I know how bad that is! Lucky me that I have mum's blood. She's
Spanish and if I lay for 5minutes in the sun, I already got my tan. No excuse for not using a protection but I love that chocolate layer...
and after laying in the sun I always hydrate my skin with the aftersun.

The next few days I'll try their Monoï gel and accelerator;
 can't get enough of this great summer temperatrues!
What kind of products do you use during the summer?

I wish you all a lovely evening!
Lots of love, Cindy.

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