(Zara blazer, sweater, jeans and heels. Balenciage handbag)
The last weeks of June are quite busy. At work we're preparing the sales (monday we start)
and there are a lot of events on the planning. One by one great events and I'm running from
one event to another. Yesterday I went to Antwerp for two events: 
'Steve Madden shopping night' and 'Lacost 80years'.

I took my beloved black laced heels from Zara with me and ofcourse, my Allstars too!
I still need to practice on wearing high heels for a long time. Since I'm working on flats every single
day, my feet aren't used to heels anymore. After the sales I'll try it again! Pinky promise...

The posts about the events will be online soon!
I wish you all an amazing evening.
Lots of love, Cindy.

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