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Here I am, 4years later, on the 3rd of June, writing my 1236th post on the blog.
Today it's exactly 4years that I wrote my first blog post on this blog: a pair of black
ASOS heels. I posted it to show it to friends, just to ask their opinion; I will never forget it!

And now,
1236 posts later, this blog became my life, my second fulltime job and I can't imagine
a life without it anymore. Thanks to this blog I learned a lot about myself, I've had some amazing chances to learn people and to work with them. I'm so grateful to everyone who helped me through all those years. Thank you for all the comments, support, reactions and fashionlove!

To celebrate the birthday they're will be a lot of giveaways, so stay tuned to enter them!
Now it's time to blow out some candles and for some cake!


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