(Zara shirt, skort, sandals and bag. Rita and Zia necklace)

An instagram shot from today's look.
I had a day off, not planned at all but I was very happy with it.
In the morning I went to the hospital for my wrist and in the afternoon I enjoyed the sun.

I still had some time to go to Brussels to the AA Pressdays. It has been two years I guess that
I wasn't aible to go to the pressdays due to work. I can't get days off for it in time and it's
really frustrating. I love it do discover the new collections and to meet the collegues/amazing
Next season I need to make time for it, for sure; pinky promise :).

I discovered some amazing jewelry designers as you could see on my Instagram and I
received my price that I've won with the Rita & Zia contest. Thank you so much for helping
me winning the contest! & Thanks to Rita and Zia and AA PR for the necklace of my dreams!

Now I'm off; time for some icecream!
Lots of love, Cindy.

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