(Police Sunglasses)

I'm still looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses.

Today I took a look on SmartBuyGlasses.com; this webshop has the greatest
designer glasses, free shipping and they defenitely have some glasses that I really like!
 I just took a look in the list of Police, Gucci and Persol; the last one is my favorite brand
for sunglasses.
I've made a selection of my 4favorite glasses from the shop: take a look!

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1. Gucci Sunglasses // 2. Persol Sunglasses // 3. Police Sunglasses // 4. Persol Sunglasses

It's very important that you pick a pair of sunglasses from good quality (with a good UV-protection)
and some that you'll wear for years. So take a pair of black ones, mirrored sunglasses are still a trend
for this summer and for those who aren't a fan of black ones; choose a brown colored one!

And why do I mention the UV-protection? 'Cause I was someone that didn't believe in it
'till the day I got my eyes burned on a vacation... So it's very important to have good ones!

And if you're wondering which other models they have: take a look on SmartBuyGlasses.com!
Come on summer, we're waiting for you now...

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