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 I'm that kind of girl that can't live without her lip balm.
Summer or winter, it doesn't matter, my lips are dry all the time. And I know:
the more you use it, the more your lips are getting used to it. But I can't stop it.

Each month I get spoiled by DEAUTY box. Deauty (stands for Discover Beauty)
sends every month a box full of cosmetica products to discover.
This Kiehl's Lip Balm was from the November box, and I finally took the time to test it.

Well, to all those ladies with the same problem as I'm having; try it! It really helps.
It has been two days ago since I putted it on my lips for the first time and today I didn't even
need to put some on. I'm surprised and very happy with the result!

Thanks to Deauty and Kiehl's!

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