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Dear readers! How are you?
It has been quite a while since I wrote something on my blog. I was actually
posting pictures on Instagram all the time, and didn't have the opportunity to
write on the blog; I've been working a lot, and I was quite sick.
But good news; I changed my work place. I won't work in Antwerp anymore but back
near by my house, so I'll have more time for my blog again; I missed blogging so much!

During the left days/weeks, I got a lot of new items in my closet. I found the furry Vans-Inspired
Zara sneakers too, and this new item from House of Fraser is the second best item from February.
An outfit will be posted soon! And from now on, I'll try to be update the blog daily!
In the maintime, a preview of the new item;
What do you think?

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