A couple of weeks ago I received an invitation from H&M to take part
to the Pre-Shopping event of the MMM for H&M collection.
'SAY WHAT?' Ofcourse I need to be there!

Now the countdown officially started and I'm more than ready to get my hands on the items
I love so badly. Especially The jewelry and the pair of shoes are my must haves. The knit
and the leather jacket are that little extra in case they fit well, just because I love them too...

This time I really don't know what to expect form the collection. Don't get me wrong,
it's beautiful, and the fact that he re-made items out of his previous collection are giving us
the opportunity to shop his best-sellers at a great (almost H&M) price. But I'm really wondering
if there will be lines early in the morning and if it will be sold out immediately.
 Well, let's wait 'till the 15th of november to see how it goes!

However, I can't wait to wair my MMM for H&M items. I wish it was the 14th already.
Tik, tik, tik, please little clock, go quicker!

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