November 15, 2012


My day couldn't start better  
and my Instagram followers were the first ones who knew the great news.
collection in Antwerp? The black boots were immediately sold out and I kinda accepted that they
weren't meant to be. 'Till this morning. A good friend of me texted me that she was in the queue and she was one of the first ones. My God! I needed to take my chance; I immediately called her asking her to take the boots for me if she had the possibility. And than, half an hour later she texted me that she found only one pair in a size 40 and it was in her hands. 'Screaming-acting crazy-moments'.
I came to Antwerp asap to have those boots in my hands and I hugged the box once 
I had it in my hands, seriously.

Now I'm looking at them, on my desk. I still can't believe it. It's really a lucky day!
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Now I'm off, taking pictures of my purchases so I'll see you soon on the blog!
Have a nice evening. Love, Cindy


marcella said...


Nathalie Van den Berg said...


Nena said...

Leuk dat je ze toch nog gevonden hebt :D

FESI-NOIR said...

Hoe vallen de MMM for h&m witte sneakers?

En ik zag al op je twitter die foto met die vele tassen haha!!

xx Fesi-Noir

Jan said...

Leuk geschreven,
nu weet je zeker dat ze wel meant-to-be waren haha!