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Hello lovelies!
It has been quite a long time since I've made an INSTAGRAM post again.
The days are passing by like nothing and I totally forgot the weekly update of my

daily life shots that I'm making through Instagram. And that almost every day!
Because some of you don't follow me on it, I'm making a post to share the uploads with all of you.
Some are quite old because of the late post, other are more recent.

If you would like to see the updates immediately, you can follow me here!
And what about today? I finished work earlier, went to H&M to do some jewelry shopping
and now I'm taking a look on my fav blogs! Feel free to share yours on my FB fanpage (here).

Tell me, how was your day?

Free Image Hosting at I'm in love with my new skirt!

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A picture from the 12th of november. They were making the windows
for the MMM for H&M collection.

Free Image Hosting at After the Pre-shopping event of MMM for H&M I went with my collegue to a bar. Love coffee!

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Received this iPhone cover from Iconemesis. Thank you so much for this lovely gift!

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My iPhone almost has as much cases as I have shoes.

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My new ink! And now I'm thinking about the third one...

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My mum makes the best muffins ever. These ones are with apples!

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My order has arrived!

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Sometimes I just need a delicious salad for dinner.

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"When people think of fashion, they always prefer to see the crazy side, the cliched side of it.
But I  think that's wrong. Fashion is an important part of a woman's life." - Miuccia Prada

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New leopard sneakers and coat.

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