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I finally made the decision to buy an iPhone! (Hip hip hooray for myself)
The fact is that I'm not such a huge 'Apple-fan', but I love it how easy you can stay
up to date with your pictures (think about Instagram), blog (easier to work with an
iPhone than my previous Samsung) and readers.

And than... the price of this beautiful little star. A little bit to much over my phone-budget and
I didn't want to make like an overrated purchase. 
But friday (it was like that meant to be-moment): my old cute
Samsung wasn't alive anymore, so I really needed a new phone; well Hello iPhone

I'm already addicted to Instagram, can't stop trying new Apps and my battery is already empty.
Good start of a new friendship; 'cuz this little star will be my new BFF for a couple of years!

Do you have some good Apps? And did someone bought the iPhone 5?

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