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 I think every person has his own collection of something he likes (like keychains, toy cars,...).
My mom is collecting SWATCH watches since her twenties and she shared it with me.
Since I was a little kid she's only buying watches from that brand for me, and now, 
I'm still buying them. They have so many styles and the prices of these watches are just perfect when you can't choose one.

After one year I'm having 3 of their 'bracelet'-watches. I bought the black one last week, I received
the pink one from an Italian friend in Tunisia for my birthday and the mint one is the oldest, but still my favorite. I bought the black one because I needed a watch which I can wear with any look I'm wearing (and that I can combinate with other armcandy). Can't go wrong with black, right?

Do you like the brand SWATCH too? What is your favorite watches brand?
Swatch online:

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