The weather went from spring temperatures 'till winter feelings. It's like we've
skipped autumn or something. I'm really not in my element during the winter seasons,
and I'm in a mood of doing nothing at this moment. Even going to the city for some shopping isn't 
on my planning list, just because I hate cold winds and bad weather.
Boo, I sound like a lazy kid right know! But however, I need to thank the webshops who are 
giving us the possibility to do some online shopping.

One of my favorite online shops is Not only because they're always having amazing
sales, but I just love their unique items and their prices are available for everyone.

The images on the top are the items that I ordered and I can't wait to receive them!
If you would like so see one of them on, here are the links:

Are you also a big fan of
Did you recently bought something on their webshop?

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