Oh Yes! I'm sure you already read it on Twitter and my Facebook Fanpage, but for those
who didn't, I got my computer back; HALLELUJA! All the pictures are still on it, thank God,
and that means that I'm totally back to give you new updates. And let's be honest;
the first days without my computer were fine, but now I got the feeling that I was missing
something in my life; especially MY BLOG! It's really a part of what I'm doing in my Personal
life, and not being aible to update every day was making me more and more nervous.

But there is some extra good news
You know that I'm a Zara-addict (Like really, am I?), and since I'm working there
I'm only wearing Zara (shame on me!). So every time that they're organising the People-contest
I'm participating with some of my shots. For the third time in a row they've picked my picture.
I'm so so so happy! And my mum, the photographer, is even more proud (so cute!).
Thank you so much Zara People!

Well sweet readers, I'm really glad to be back!
See you tomorrow...

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