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Let my story start by the 3th of october.
I was searching on the internet for the AdR items, and the informations about the sale.
Because I was on a vacation for two weeks, I didn't really had the opportunity to follow the release 
of the pictures and the items, so I still needed to check all of them. And about the sale, there were no
bracelets this time and I really didn't want to have that crazy 'Roberto Cavalli'- incident as you can
see on Youtube, and I'm sure you've seen those movies too.

So on the 3th I went working, without knowing yet if I would go or not. But than my friend
Gia decided to go too, so being her would be very nice! But than, we still had to fix an hour to
go and that wasn't easy at all. I really wanted to have that 'Die-hard'-hour as usual like midnight or
1 o'clock but we knew there wouldn't be as much people as usual. We were there at 2.30 
in the morning with our blankets and some breakfast. It was amazing to spend a night with her,
even if we were the only ones 'till 6 o'clock, it was still great!
At 6 o'clock some other girls joined us and we talked 'till the biggest part of people arrived
(like 9 or 9.30 in the morning). And than the adrenaline started. The people behind you will maybe
take the same things as you want, so I needed to run as fast as I could (even if the kind security
said we weren't allowed).

Once the doors opened I ran like a crazy fool. I entered as the first one followed by the girls
we met in the morning and we started our AdR shopping. 'Ooh love that bracelet', 'Check those earrings!', 'Give me that crocodile necklace please', etc. It was a great shopping-experience!
Oh and I fell soo in love with the box of the hat! Don't get me wrong, the hat is really a piece of art
and I'm sure they spended a lot of time in making the hats, but the box is just so beautiful! 
(Detail: I didn't took it with me yesterday but I went today to get it, because I couldn't get 
the hat out of my head.)

And then, I come home from work ('cuz I needed to work yesterday too), exhausted and so tired
of spending the night in Antwerp, and I found a box from H&M. 'I never ordered something from H&M? Did I? No, there is no Online shop for us right? I opened that box within a few seconds and I
found a letter from H&M and Anna and some beautiful jewelries from the collection. 
I think you can imaginate how awake I was when I wrote that letter and when I saw the jewelry in
that box. Gosh, I still can't believe it! Thank you so much H&M and Anna for this surprise!

I wrote a whole letter here so it's time for pictures!
Did you went to AdR? Tell me your story!

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