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I never did a post like this before I guess, or maybe at the beginning of my blog posts in 2009.
But anyway! I got a new bag, new love and new stuff to take with me.
The bag on the picture is a new one from Chicnova. It's a sheer shoulder bag with a little
bag in lace inside of it. I can put a lot of my stuff in it and it will be my favorite bag
 on my vacation to go to the beach.

What am I taking with me in my bag?
My phone, ofcourse! My tablet, jewelry, cards, iPod, and too much other things that I don't need.
'Cuz how bigger my bag is, the more stuff I'm taking with me that is unnecessary!

Which bag is your favorite one?
(Zara Necklace, Samsung WAVE Mobile, ASUS Tablet and Chicnova Bag.)

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