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It has been such a long time that I've made a post like this one. I guess it has been more than
a year (last one is here)! Time to change those bad habbits and to find some new ways 
of posting my outfits and new buys.

These are the items that I was wearing yesterday. Everything is new, only the necklace is
something that I'm having for a while, and as you can see; I'm wearing more jewelry now!
When I saw those shoes for the first time I was screaming 'MINEEE!'. My God, how

gorgeous are they? I think they're so fabulous! (Kinda shoe-addict-talk)
I'm posting the outfit with these items tomorrow, hope you'll like :).

My day off today went great. I spended some time with my mum and we had some dinner
with champagne and tapas! How good can a saturday be?
 I hope you all had a great saturday too!

Lots of love, Cindy

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