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Dear ones! How was your day?

I'm finally home and I seriously need some good sleep. I want to roll into my bed,
grab my blanket and sleep 'till the next morning. My day off is coming closer (saturday)
and I'll stay in my bed as long as I can (My God; I sound so lazy!?).

The post for today is one with my new shoes ('schoenen'), actually sneakers, from
I'm still having a crush for Allstars and with a pair of black ones you can never to something wrong, right? I combinated it with my Balenciaga bag and some clothes that I found in sales.
 If you would like to buy the sneakers too, you can go here to find them!

I wish you all an amazing evening!
See you later readers...

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What am I wearing? My blazer is from H&M, the shirt and pants are from Zara and the

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