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"The feeling when you got that crush-item..."
And that you place that little dance of joy. That you can scream as loud
as you can 'I GOT IT' and that everone is looking as you like you're a fool.

Got that feeling twice yesterday. Once in the morning, once in the evening.
First; the new collection delivery at work! Oh yes, the new collection at Zara is beautiful
and I know I don't have to tell you why, I'm sure you already saw it.
During my morning check-up of the new arrivals I saw this jacket.
'YEAH MINE BABY' was what I screamed in the stock (like a little kid).
I immediately took my size and waited impatiently 'till my break hour.
Seriously, I looked like a fool.

And than, in the evening when I came home, I finally received my Converse sneakers
in burgundy/red wine. I searched them here in Antwerp and Mechelen and they were
totally sold out. Webshops only had them in the high sneaker model and I wanted
the low one (typical). Last chance and the good one;! My saving angel.
Gosh, two crushes on one day is just too much.

Wondering about how the jacket (+ the shoes) looks like? Read further...
Have an amazing evening readers!

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What am I wearing? The jacket and shirt are from Zara. The shorts are from Bershka
and the Converse sneakers are from

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