'We're at the end of those hard days...'
The first week of the sales is over and I'm glad that I had a little day of rest today.
I really needed it after all those crazy days full of people shopping like they will
never shop again. Quite funny too 'cause I never thought I would see something like that ever
(only on Youtube with the Cavalli for H&M videos) and honestly, I which that I could shop like them too. Just shop 'till you drop like they always say!

And there is some good news from the Doctor. My feet is recovering as it should be.
I'll be aible to walk normal and to wear heels again within a couple of months. I need some
extra patience and I need to be careful but I'm glad that it's going well!
Thank you all for the wishes! I really appreciated it!

Enjoy your evening and I wish you a nice start of the new week.

What am I wearing? The shirt, pants and sandals are from Zara.
The bag has been sponsored by VJ-Style.com.

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