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'I'm counting down the days...'
I'm still recovering from my accident in Tunisia. My toe still hurts everyday and it
feels like it isn't going better at all. My heels and closet shoes are still in the wardrobe
and I can only wear sandals and these Scholl sandals to work with.
It's making me crazy and my heels are smiling more and more everyday.
I can't resist them anymore; I want to wear them as soon as possible!
And I'm not really into outfit shots when I can't wear what I want.
That's the reason why you aren't seeing a lot of posts like these ones.

Just fingers crossed that I will recover soon and that I can post outfit shots like I did before!
I wish you all an amazing evening!
All my love, Cindy

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What am I wearing? My jacket and jeans are from Zara. The shirt is from H&M.
The sandals are from Scholl and the bag is from Balenciaga.

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