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"The best presents are the ones you didn't expect."
This perfume is a present from Givenchy. They contacted me to choose
a fragrance and because I'm so bad at chosing I told them to surprise me.

I received the 'Organza' fragrance. And it's so me! I love it when the perfume discribes
my personality and who I acutally am. You love that too, isn't it?

The bottle has been decorated with a beautiful detail of lace (sexy!).
It's very luxurious and Haute Couture. The base of the perfume itself is black vanilla which
gives us a combination of a feminine and flamboyant perfume.

I'm using it daily and I want to say 'Thank You!' to Givenchy for giving me
this beautiful and great present.

Go to your perfumery store to get yours!
Have a nice sunday.

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Oriental floral Organza perfume from Givenchy.

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