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And here is my new baby!
This morning you could see the preview of my new purchase.
The Balenciaga "GIANT 21 PART TIME ARGENT" in black is finally mine!
I bought it for my 20th birthday. And that's still 3months to go, but when I got something
on my mind, I need it immediately.

When I turned 18 I bought myself a Louis Vuitton bag and for my 20th birthday
I wanted to buy myself another designer item that I would use my 'whole' life.
It needed to be something that I could combinate with all my outfits and it needed to be
special, for me. The first thing that came up my mind was this Balenciage bag, and after
saving money for two years I could buy myself one. And believe me;
I've never been so happy with a designer item!

Happy early-birthday to myself!

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