"I'll try to stop shopping for 365 days...".
And I made a good start. I was actually quite proud of myself when I saw that
the hours and days were passing by like it was nothing. But it went a little but too good to be true.

After a little month my 'shop-brain' woke up and I started to look on the online shops again.
- Back to the old days -. And it didn't take a long time before I placed a little order. Oh yes, just
one little item to celebrate my first month, why not.
I started to find a lot of excuses to buy some things and before I knew it I felt back in my old rhythm.

Never give up on the things that make you smile.
I was actually smiling during the days that I didn't buy anything so I'm still trying to not
buy that much as I did before. But believe me, it is hard, really!
I still want to stop shopping as much as I did before, so I'm sure that one day I can actually
stop but I can't do it from the one day to the other.
I learned that I need to reduce it on a longer period but I'll succeed in my plan on that way (I hope so).

Every day is a battle, and what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
I'm trying every single day to resist the shops, and online shops. It goes better
every day so one day I'll be there. And in the meantime I'm keeping my head up
and I'm keeping my creditcard at home!

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