"A woman can never have enough shoes."
And in my case I can't have enough of the Converse sneakers.

Before I went on my vacation I received a new package with shoes ('schoenen') from Spartoo.
They sended me two new pair of Converse sneakers. YAY! That means two new babies in
my closet and that makes my 'Converse collection' almost complete. Indeed, almost.
On my wishlist I still have a pair of lavender sneakers and some in grey.

But enough about Converse sneakers because Spartoo has a lot more brands than that!
They have: Ash, Adidas, Killah, Esprit, Geox, Puma, New Balance, and so much more.
And don't forget the shoes ('schoenen') for the little ones and men, they also have a lot of choice!

Now, enjoy your day and maybe your shop-experience on Spartoo.nl too.
Lots of love, Cindy

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