I'm counting down the days 'till sunday.
I'll leave for two weeks and I can't wait to be in the Tunisian sun.
My outfit is a little bit inspired on it. The blue/white pants makes me think of the houses there
and the yellow makes me think of a bright sun. It's so beautiful there!

During my vacation I'll also celebrate the third birthday of my blog;
there will be a lot of giveaways for my followers!

Next to my countdown for the vacations I went shopping with my mum.
We did some 'coupon'-shopping with all the giftcards we found at home.
Quite nice to do some shopping without spending 1€!
I bought a yellow clutch, which you can see in this post, at H&M, 2fashion books and some things
for the house. The shirt the I am wearing is from Q2, a new sponsor of my blog.
Do you know Q2 already?

I wish you all an amazing evening and enjoy your weekend!

What am I wearing? The shirt is sponsored by Q2. The pants are from Pull and Bear.
The clutch is from H&M and the heels are from Zara.

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