You could see this H&M TREND floral suit on a lot of blogs and especially when they
made a, almost perfect, copy for the Basic collection of H&M. And even if I'm seeing
the print in a lot of looks, I still love to wear the suit or the blazer/pants mixed with other items.

I worn this outfit today to cheer myself up. I had my second driving test today
and if I failed I had to take 6hours of driving lessons. I was so stressy and I could really use
some powerful colors. Luckely I passed the exam and I think this suit was like a 'lucky charm'.

I also had my first workday in Antwerp yesterday and everything went well.
I'm excited to start this new 'chapter' in my life!

Enjoy your evening!

What am I wearing? The blazer and pants are from H&M Trend.
The shirt and heels are from Zara.

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