It has been a while since I received these Eyelashes from Eylure, designed
by Katy Perry, and during the days
that I was sick I found the time to test them finally.
I'm not a pro in putting eyelashes on and I'm even worser with glue. My fingers
are always full of it, and the item that needs it, never. But I tried to put them on
with some tips from the internet and on the back of the box.

I'm showing you all the Katy Perry eyelashes, 4 different ones, and
my favorite one is the 'Sweety Pie'.
The pictures with the eyelashes are one eye 'with' and the other one 'without' to
see the difference of the effect of the eyelashes.

The best about these eyelashes is the fact that you can re-use them
after wearing them once and they're staying a whole day!

Did you test them too? Or do you have them?
Which one is your favorite one?

Tested: Katy Perry for Eylure eyelashes.

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