Two weeks ago a friend of me sended me a little message with the question if I
wanted to join this challenge for one month or for 365 days. Ofcourse!
There is finally an opportunity to stop this shopping behaviour and I entered
with a lot of courage. I will and I want to stop shopping!

'Stoppen met Shoppen' (stop shopping) has been organised by
and more than 1300 Belgian women entered to this challenge. I'm very proud of them!
I'm sure that it won't be easy for me to stop at once, but I'm trying so hard.
I want to make some people proud in my environment.
Shopping became a disease, really. I'm ready to talk in 'public' about it/with
my readers and I'm sure that I'll get some support from some of you and I really appreciate that!

The challenge has started on the first of April, no this wasn't a joke at all even if
I hoped it was one, and everything goes great at this moment.
I'll share all my experiences with you on my blog, and this is a start of a whole new life for me!
Now, fingers crossed!

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