The good weather in Belgium is already over. Not that it surprises
me, but I'm always hoping that this time it will stay longer as usual.
The temperatures are between 10°C and 15°C now and that's cold enough
when you want to wear the new summer clothes you've bought.
Cold weather or not, I really wanted to wear this shirt. So I needed to
put an extra top underneath it to have it warm enough.

It's also the first time that I'm wearing these heels from Nelly. I bought them
in 2011! That's more than 4months ago. I guess I forgot them in the cornor
of my dressing... I'm sorry pretty heels!

Enjoy this new look and I wish you all a great sunday!
All my love, Cindy.

What am I wearing? The blazer is from Mango. The shirt and pants are from Zara.
The heels are from Nelly and the clutch is from Asos.

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