My 'stopping with shopping'-plan is going great.
I'm very happy with my new pants. I ordered them last week when the plan
didn't start yet and I'm receiving my packages now. That makes it a lot easier to stop with
 it because I'm still receiving new clothes. So please, let me enjoy these last few moments :D!

Are you stopping with shopping too? Not for a year but maybe for a couple of months?
Some of you also commented on my post with 'One year is too long!'. But I'm
starting with the one month challenge, and if that works, I'll do another month, and another one.
I really hope to try it as long as possible. Days are going fast, so why not trying for a year?

Enjoy your day and see you tomorrow!
All my love, Cindy

What am I wearing? My coat, pants and heels are from Zara.
The shirt is sponsored by INWEAR and the bag is from H&M.

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