Last friday I went to 'De Cirque' in Mechelen. We organised
a little party for our manager who has decided to leave us to start a new job.
We were very happy for her but it's also sad to see her go. She teached us a lot of things!

'De Cirque' in Mechelen is located on the Vismarkt. A beautiful place to have a
little drink or to eat something. In this restaurant you can chose between a lot
of different menus all in the same price category (around 20€). I chose for a typical
Belgian one; steak with french fries, and most of my collegues chose the wok with prawns.
I was very happy with my choice, but the Wok wasn't a success even if it looked so delicious.

During the party and dinner I took some shots and I wanted to share them with you.
This will also be the start of a new concept 'Eat and Drink'. I'll introduce nice places
to you in Belgium. What do you think about this new concept? 

If you have any requests; send me!

'De Cirque'
Vismarkt 8
2800 Mechelen, Belgium

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