I'm still a 'hater' when it comes to Unknown Phonecalls. But since I
got one last season from Zara.com I was hoping that it was Zara again 'cause I participated
with the new PEOPLE contest for the Spring and Summer seasons.

It was again on a Thursday afternoon that I got some several Unknown calls
and I was really frustrated because they didn't let me a message. But than
after 5 missing calls I could pick up the phone and Zara People told me that I won
again this season. Huraaay! I was jumping out of my chair and I said 10x thank you
to the man on the phone. I guess he was happy that he could hang up :D!

And now, the pictures are online and this one is mine! (click here for the web)
What do you think of the look? Did you participated too?

Thanks to Zara PEOPLE for picking me out!

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